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The person in charge of a gathering or Business is often called the chair, or often the chairperson. These terms can be employed to make reference to both a person or a girl.

chair - act or preside as chair, as of an instructional Division in the university; "She chaired the Office for many years"

→ كُرْسِيّ židle stol Stuhl καρέκλα silla tuoli chaise stolica sedia 椅子 의자 stoel stol krzesło cadeira стул stol เก้าอี้ sandalye ghế 椅子

Previously, chairman was used to consult with the two Males and girls, but it is now infrequently utilized to seek advice from a woman. The lady in control of a gathering or Firm is typically generally known as the chairwoman.

two. the posture of a person who is chairman at a gathering and so forth. That's from the chair? voorsittterstoel رِئاسَةُ الجَلْسَه председателско място presidência předsednictví der Vorsitz mødeleder; formand θέση προέδρου presidencia koosoleku juhataja رئیس جلسه puheenjohtaja présidenceיושב ראש पीठ predsjednik elnök(ség) ketua fundarstjóri/-stjórn presidente 議長の職 의장 pirmininkavimas vadīt sapulci pengerusi voorzittersshap leder, ordstyrer przewodniczenie د رهیس جلسه presidência preşedinţie председательское место predsedníctvo predsedujoči onaj koji zaseda ordförande[stol] ตำแหน่งประธาน başkan, reis 會議主席的席位 місце головуючого کسی اجتماع کی صدارت کرنے والے شخص کا عہدہ chủ tọa 主持会议的主席(的席位或职位)

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Figurative feeling of "authority" was in Center English, of bishops and professors. Meaning "Office environment of a professor" (1816) is extended from your seat from which a professor lectures (mid-15c.). That means "seat of somebody presiding at Conference" is from 1640s. As small for electric powered chair from 1900.

Eames chair - a chair developed by Charles Eames; initially product of molded plywood; seat and back shaped to fit the human physique

backrest, back - a aid which you could lean towards although sitting; "the back again of the dental chair was adjustable"

An armchair is a cushty chair that has a assistance on either side for the arms. You usually say that somebody sits in an armchair.

to generally be chairman at (a meeting and so forth). He chaired the Assembly past night. voorsit, die voorsitterstoel inneem يَرْأَسُ الجَلْسَه председателствам presidir předsedat vorsitzen være mødeleder; være formand προεδρεύω σε presidir juhatama ریست کردن toimia puheenjohtajana présider לַשֶבֶת בְּראש अध्यक्षता निभाना predsjedatelj elnököl mengetuai stjórna fundi presiedere 司会をする 의장이 되다 pirmininkauti vadīt sapulci mempengerusi voorzittenlede, være ordstyrer przewodniczyć ریاست کول presidir a prezida председательствовать predsedať predsedovati predsednikovati vara (sitta som) ordförande ดำรงตำแหน่งประธาน başkanlık etmek 擔任(會議的)主席 головувати صدارت کرنا chủ trì 任(会议的)主席

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See far more synonyms for chair on noun a seat, especially for a single individual, generally getting four legs for support and a relaxation for that back again and sometimes possessing rests for your arms.

1. a movable seat for one human being, that has a back again to it. a table and four chairs. stoel كُرْسي стол cadeira židle der Stuhl stol καρέκλαsilla Resource صندلی tuoli chaise כִּסֵא कुर्सी stolac read more szék kursi stóll sedia 椅子 등받이가 있는 의자 kėdė krēsls kerusi stoelstolkrzesło چوكۍ: كرسۍ: رئيس (دغونډى cadeira scaun стул stolička stol stolica stol เก้าอี้ sandalye, iskemle 椅子 стілець کرسی ghế 椅子

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